Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Time seems to be slipping away from me these past few days - between having company at my house, the holiday, and trying to adjust some of my mental issues, I'm worn out and not doing a very good job on my blogging! Perhaps we can blame it all on the full moon...

Last night I had dinner with good friends and we talked a lot about life and things I'm dealing with. When I left them I noticed how beautiful the moon was and decided to go down to the beach and sit a spell, just taking it all in. It was well worth the twenty minutes of my time. It was dark there and I felt a bit vulnerable all alone on the beach, but I tucked myself up into the dunes and just got lost in my thoughts as I surveyed the beauty around me. The full moon was reflected on the water, highlighting each wave that came ashore in the most spectacular way.

I loved being there but after some time I began to feel lonely, enjoying all that beauty by myself with no one to share it with, and I knew I needed to leave before I slipped into that morose and sad place that so easily comes to someone like me. I wanted to leave still smiling about the gifts of this place we live, which are so plentiful and easily attained by anyone, no matter how much wealth we have. It doesn't take a house on the ocean to sit and enjoy its magic spell. At least not here in this little piece of heaven. Its easy to take things like a full moon for granted. Last night I made sure I didn't.

Time is slipping away quickly and I feel its passage more acutely now that I'm at the age I am. I've known too many people who never attained this age and even fewer that reached those beyond it. So I'm trying to make the most of what I have and not take anything lightly. I have this time to live. And I intend to do just that.

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