Thursday, September 7, 2017


There's been a lot of focus on hurricanes this year already and I've been reliving some of the most memorable in my mind all week. Of course the recent ones are easy to think about, but I like going back to the late 1950s and early 1960s when it seemed they were plentiful and there are many interesting memories to pull from.

I remember two that come in the same week. I think I was in the second grade so it would have been right around the time of the new decade. I think one was named Donna because I remember all the teasing my friend Donna received at the time. We had two days off of school and I remember doing homework to the light of a hurricane lantern.

We always had the hurricane lanterns ready at our house. They sat in the basement full of oil for use on a moment's notice. Three of them did the job for our family and one was all I needed to do homework by. They were very old - had probably come with the house, passed down through the family, much as the ones I have in this house were. I have two of them also ready for action if need be, although I also have flashlights and candles to assist when needed.

If we get a direct hit this year it will mean a lot of damage this early, with the trees still heavy with leaves. Later in October they stand a better chance. But in either case I'm prepared. As much as I can be.

I've never had to wait out a storm alone in this house and I think I just might be tempted to go to the firehouse to sit it out should it happen. Somehow being alone is not something to look forward to when there's no electricity, no TV, no internet, etc. But let's just hope I never have to face all that - at least this year!

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