Sunday, September 3, 2017


I happen to love this kind of weather - but I'll admit to being a little ill prepared for it so early on. I've been scrambling to gt out sweaters and light jackets, long-sleeved shirts and jeans, and as sure as I'm shivering in the morning I know the heat is returning because there's no way these cooler temperatures are here to stay!

I expect I'll be looking for the short-sleeves soon enough and I love a nice Indian Summer. So the tricky thing about this time of the year is the need to keep so many things close at hand in the closet and drawers. Layering is key and I have plenty of pieces to layer with, but its also nice when you know you've made the transition to wool or cotton and can leave the wardrobe static for at least a couple months.

But this is transition time and until November things will be questionable every day. One day warm and shirt-sleeves, the next cold and sweaters. Its autumn at its best.

Today isn't terribly promising so far but they are telling us it will get better and tonight may be a stellar one. But I do think I'm going to need a sweater...

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