Monday, September 11, 2017


This is always a sad day for those of us who remember it so well. Just like December 7th and November 22nd, the date will forever be connected with something traumatic and sad and a national day of grief.

Today is similar to that day in that it was sunny and beautiful this morning. Just like the best of September days, it was a stunner. The skies were clear and bright blue and life was good.

And then the first tower was hit. And the second. And then the Pentagon, etc and life as we knew it would change forever as we become more and more aware of the dangers around us, or terrorism and they way it was changing everything, and we took our new awareness and tried to do things better with it. 

But the world is still a scary place and terrifying in its ability to shake us to the core. I had my own 9/11 in 2016 and it has had, and will continue to have, huge and lasting effects on me. Gone is my sense of security and joy and I most likely will never know either of those things again. Just as we as a country have changed, so have I. And I think its a sad day when the rose-colored glasses come off and the worst part of life hits you square in the face. Sad, and terrible.

Some anniversaries are meant to live on forever in our hearts, be they national, or universal or very personal. But they all bring the same sense of unsettled grief and pain. 

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