Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Today is travel day for me and I'm a bit apprehensive about it. I'm not much of a summer traveler, preferring to stay at home and never leave my house during these crazy busy months of the year. I suppose that's the resort mentality I've grown up with, but nevertheless, I rarely leave East Hampton and I never fly in the summer.

I hope to change that pattern soon though. I hope by net summer I'll be doing a regular August trip of some sort. I've always wanted to see more of the country and it seems as though this is the time of year to do it. I love to drive the Pacific Highway, for instance, and explore the badlands of North Dakota. I wold also enjoy more exploration of New England and the western states. So perhaps I'll find more travel in the summer as these years pass. We'll see.

For now at least, I worry about the travel time to Kennedy airport, the heat and humidity of my destination, and the long delays that seem to be a regular part of air travel in the heart of the summer. We'll see how it goes. I'm not expecting smooth sailing. But I will be relieved to get where I'm going in one piece.

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