Saturday, August 5, 2017

Summer travel

Summer travel is not fun.

I guess that's why when you live in the northeast, people tend to stay home in the summer and travel in the winter. Because its hot out there right now!

Everything seems more difficult in the extreme heat, from carrying suitcases to renting a car. And with air travel being as unpleasant as it is now, I can't say I enjoy the procedure. Gone are the days of comfortable seats, served meals, and nice lounges at the airports. Air travel has become more like a cattle call than a special event - its something we have to endure in order to get where we want to be. I much prefer a long car trip to a short plane ride, but it is what it is and sometimes we just need to bite the bullet and get onto a plane.

So here's my rant for this trip: Why do they charge you for checking your bag when they could save time (and money - not to mention aggravation) by charging for carry-on bags in order to urge folks to use the checking system? I'm so tired of all the time wasted waiting for people to stuff those overhead bins to capacity, making everyone in line wait for them not to mention endangering everyone in close range as they wrestle those bags out later often coming close to conking someone on the head. I seem to remember a day when those overhead bins were reserved for coats and briefcases, hats, and sweaters. Gone are those days! Good luck finding a space to stow anything in one of those overhead compartments anymore. I would estimate it takes an extra fifteen minutes loading and unloading because of those suitcases - how what would that savings amount to in scheduling flights?

OK - rant over for now. By Monday I may have more. But right now I'm just praying for decent weather and no waits on the hot tarmac....

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