Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New day

Today is a new and exciting day for East End residents as the Southampton Hospital officially merges with Stony Brook University Medicine. Its been a long time coming, and its a welcome culmination to a drawn-out process.

This change will be a good thing for everyone who lives out here at the end of the earth. (So it seems when we need help, right?) With the era of telemedicine and the new availability of all sorts of specialists in their system, our little community hospital is going to become a formidable partner in the health system out here on the South Fork, for sure. 

We have always been very fortunate here to have generous benefactors who have kept our hospital healthy and up-to-date in terms of facility and equipment, and we are also blessed to be a place that people want to live, including doctors who have the same issues of affordable housing that all of us do. But many are willing to make the sacrifice to live here and enjoy the beauty all around us. But now we are stepping into a totally new era of availability in terms of what we will have access to here on the East End. And I'm grateful for that.

Congratulations to the administration of Southampton Hospital for their hard work to get us to this place, and to the residents of the East End who will be the real recipients of the gift. Its a very good day.

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