Thursday, August 3, 2017


Has there ever been a better year for hydrangeas on the East End of Long Island? I don't think so! At least not in my memory!

This has been an amazing month with the hydrangea bushes in full bloom. After a few years of paltry offerings and few blossoms, this year the hydrangea bushes have outdone themselves with full,m fat blooms, completely covering each specimen from the lace caps to the pee gees and everything in between. I've seen more variation in colors, from the deepest purples and pinks to the beautiful blues, and more variety of types, than ever before, and all of them are spectacular.

Hydrangeas have always flourished here on the east end, and I remember my mother taking cutting
s from my grandfather's bush many years ago where it now grows by her back door. I'm sure the folks who live in that house have no idea the bush's pedigree, but when I look at it I see my grandfather in his gardening clothes, lovingly pruning his bushes and beloved begonias that he planted surrounding his house just down the road from me.  Just as my lilacs will always be "my mother's lilacs" because I took shoots from her bushes to plant here, that hydrangea I can see from my driveway by my mother's back door will always be "Grandpa's" bush. Its out memories that keep us content in our later years, isn't it?

Well this truly has been a banner year for our hydrangeas and I don't know why (no doubt some connection to spring rainfall or winter cold, as these things always are) but I'm enjoying it very much. They are one of my favorite flowers and to me, they always will say "home".

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