Wednesday, August 9, 2017


I'm sitting in my office with a desk full of bills to pay and its depressing me. When do the bills ever stop doing that?

I've always said that to me, a stress-free life would be one without bills that can't be paid. Not worrying every blessed month about how to pay bills would be heaven to me. But I imagine its nearly an impossible thing and not many people have that luxury.

When we were newly married we had to look at the bills every month and figure out who got paid that month. Sometimes we had to pay on a number of large bills, like car repairs or pharmacies, as much as we could every month until they were paid off. When money is tight, something like an unexpected brake job or child's medical costs can put a real strain on a budget. I remember paying a local mechanic $10 a month for a couple years. And when my husband had his heart attack we spent 5 years paying off the bill from the heart surgeon - $100 here, $50 there. It was a strain for sure!

Fortunately I'm not quite there at this point, but still I am sometimes late with a payment and that about kills me. I don't like being late with anything, no less money! But they do all get paid eventually.

Today my goal is to get most of them pain and to come up with a plan on those that aren't. With a tax bill sitting here I know what I need to do first. And then, I'll take it as it comes. Life can be a challenge in so many ways, not the least of which is, for most of us,
paying the bills! 

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