Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Fair

There's a saying here in East Hampton that it never rains on the LVIS Fair. I remember more than a few times that it did indeed rain, but today looks like it might be the perfect day for a record setting income. Right now its very overcast, its cool, its not a beach day, and although the rain is threatening, I don't think it will be anything other than a shower here or there. Nothing to keep people away from the fair, and in fact, enough to make attendance pretty great. After all, they aren't going to be flocking to the beach, and there isn't all that much else to do around here on a day like today.

The LVIS (Ladies Village Improvement Society) is a venerable group of women here in town who began over 100 years ago in an effort to get the dust down on the village streets. They banded together to buy a water wagon that would sprinkling the streets every day and keep them wet enough to make the usual dust storms unlikely. It was a good effort and apparently they decided there were other things they could do to improve life here in our already pretty lovely town. Today they tend to some public greens, plant and care for trees, and look after many of our beautiful spaces among other things. And every year a good deal of their support comes from the proceeds of this, their annual fair.

Since I was old enough I have worked at the fair, although I'm not a member of the LVIS. (When I finally had time in my life to devote to volunteer work I weighed several options for my energy and when it came down to the LVIS and the East Hampton Historical Society, I chose the latter simply because the former seemed to be doing just fine without me, but I knew the historical society could use my help!) As a child I worked behind the scenes at the fishing booth, attaching prizes to the fishing lines of younger children who were looking for something special to pull out of the "pond". As I got older I always donated a layer cake or pie to the baked goods booth. I've even been in charge of a booth myself. But in the past twenty years I've been stationed upstairs, our of sight for the most part, counting money and enjoying the often much appreciated air conditioning. And that's where I'm headed today.

So the bottom line is, I don't much care what the weather is outside for this event, because I'm usually not effected by it. But I do want the organization to make as much money as they can today and I'm thrilled that it looks to be an absolutely great day for the fair.

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