Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Today they're promising a return of the dreaded "H"word that I dread every summer: humidity. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be oppressive but then it will lift somewhat for the weekend. Ugg!

Well my house has actually taken on its annual musty smell so the humidity is not surprising. Now that I have a wall unit air conditioner in my bedroom I have a little "comfort zone" when the humidity hits, but it also allows me to notice when that particular odor returns. I walked out of my little cocoon yesterday and as soon as I walked out of my comfy, cool bedroom, it hit me with a familiarity that comes from so many years with no a/c in the house at all. It is a distinctive, heavy smell that can also signal things like mildew and mold, and I am keenly aware of it. By the end of July my whole house carries it, from the upholstered furniture to the window treatments, and I know the air is heavy with moisture. Soon I'll be able to feel it too, on the arms of my sofa, and the seat of my favorite chair. It's a "summer by the sea" smell, where the cool ocean breezes bring in the moist, humid air and insinuates it throughout our open doors and windows.

There's something to be said for central air conditioning, no doubt about it.  But honestly, there's something very nostalgic about the musty smell of my summer house too.  

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