Monday, July 3, 2017

Holiday week

The holiday this year is a bit different with it falling on a Tuesday. I imagine some people took today off to make it a nice long weekend, but others are working which has cut down on the crowds a bit today. Traffic along Main Street was already heavy when we were out walking at six this morning, but I expect it won't be as heavy as it was over the weekend. We shall see!

Today looks to be a perfect beach day for anyone so inclined, and tomorrow is also going to be a nice one. I have some cooking to do in the morning but other than that, and a trip to the farm stand for corn, I expect I may be going to the beach with the family as well. We have a traditional cook-out late in the day so it will be a nice holiday all around. Good weather always helps and so far the humidity has been tolerable which makes me happy!

East Hampton always looks beautiful for this holiday and this year exceptionally so. It's been a particularly rainy few months and everything is still nice and green - my potted plants are gorgeous. By the end of August with all the heat they won't be as nice as this so I'm enjoying it all now while I can.

I do love this holiday. The non-religious ones are always especially nice because we all celebrate together and this one, despite the level of divide in this country politically, is one we as Americans can all meet with a smile. Its about who we are. And about what we want to be. And hopefully, the direction we're always headed.

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