Monday, July 17, 2017


Yesterday was certainly what you would call a "beachy" day. It couldn't have been nicer beach weather. Sunny, with a few pretty clouds (just to make the sky more gorgeous), and still the great sand bar making Wiborg's so accessible to bathers of all ages.

Summer always goes by quickly for me, especially the month of July when my daughter and grandchildren are here from Pennsylvania. Its such a treat for me to see them as often as I do when they're here in town for this extended period, and when they leave its always heart-wrenching. I wish they lived here, but they have a wonderful life where they are and I certainly don't begrudge them that. But I miss them terribly the rest of the year. Its not an easy trip for me to visit with them and those visits are not as frequent as I'd like them to be. Such is life and I accept it as it is, but still, these long visits make the absence that much tougher when it comes.

And so, when those perfect days come, I'm learning to take full advantage of them. Time at the beach with my kids and grand kids, even if I'm more of an observer than a participant, are special. I've taken every opportunity this year to join them when they go.

July days, "beachy" and lazy, are what make life divine. And when I need to retreat from the beach, the hammock is always waiting. Its a good life. Despite all the complications and difficulties of this past year, I'm happy to be here to enjoy it.

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