Thursday, June 8, 2017


How wonderful was it to see the sun appear yesterday afternoon? I found myself actually feeling more upbeat and energized, and by last evening, as the shadows were beginning to inch across the field across the street, I found myself still at my desktop computer working on things that I've needed to get done for weeks now. I simply needed the sunshine to inspire me and suddenly I was able to accomplish it all. Its a wonderful thing!

More good weather is promised for us in the near future so I'm expecting to get plenty done as there is much on my plate. The time has come for making strawberry jam, and cleaning my house, and planting flowers, and planning ahead....yes, I need to get busy now. The clouds have lifted and the world is brighter. No excuses.

As I sat at my computer last night looking out the front windows across to the field I admired the bright green grass and the beautiful light reaching across the lawn, poking through the trees and hitting the undersides of the leaves on my red maple as it dipped lower into the sky. It would have been a perfect, peaceful scene were it not for the traffic building in front of the house. But it was a hint of things to come. Now that the rain has stopped and the sun is out, the hammock is beckoning in the back yard where its quiet and warm and I can forget about the rest of the world. This weekend I think I'll be enjoying myself right there, under a tree, grateful that for a few days at least, sunshine has returned to Bonac, and we are all glad. 

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