Monday, June 12, 2017


Yesterday afternoon I was listening to the New York news and the weather people were talking about how hot it was in the city. It couldn't have been more perfect here on the East End. In fact, the weatherman was giving out temperatures around the region and when I got to Montauk he added "thanks to some natural air conditioning..." and I smiled. It was perfection out here.

That "natural air conditioning" was in full force all day. There was a wonderful breeze and the sun was bright and the sky was blue...heavenly. As someone at church in the morning said to me "That's why they pay so much money to come out here to escape!" So true.

Today they are promising some humidity. One of my least favorite words.  Hopefully the breeze stays and the humidity won't be as oppressive as it can in August. It remains to be seen.

But so far so good. June is shaping up to be a nice month. And when we get those perfect days, like yesterday, I'll gladly take them.

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