Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I was sitting at my desk in my home office over the weekend and I saw two people walking past my house with suitcases. They were the rolling ones that everybody owns now - carry-on size and easy to maneuver - and I wondered where they were heading. The house next to us for all the years we've lived here rented rooms every summer so that would not have been a surprising sight up until this past year, but that property recently changed hands and I don't believe there is anyone living there at this moment. So it begs the question - where are they headed?

Its very possible that someone further down the road also rents rooms. Or perhaps they've rented an entire house for a week, who knows? But I wouldn't have been surprised if they had come back to knock at my door. It's been a pretty common occurrence all these years as the house numbers do not make any sense (the house to my left is #12, mine is #16, and the house to my right is #28) and people often are lost. I was watching for signs of them but they didn't reappear.

The season is certainly upon us now that the weather has perked up and people are happy to come enjoy the sun and the sand. We can't really blame them, even if it is inconvenient for those of us who have to give up some of our space when they do. This really is a little bit of heaven right here, so we need to share...

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