Saturday, June 24, 2017


I suddenly find myself falling into a new pattern with my blogging. I'm here in the late afternoon just now remembering to write something, and its been that way all week for the most part.

Its funny how quickly we can fall out of, or form habits. For months or years I can be writing the night before and scheduling my latest blog to post the next morning. Then for whatever reason I develop the habit of writing first thing in the morning and so I blog the same day and have it posted nice and early. And suddenly here I am posting so late in the day this week that I am barely remembering to write at all. I suppose its simply a matter of being busy, but it is sometimes disconcerting at my age to find yourself in a new pattern after a long time in an old one. I wonder why I'm suddenly forgetting things.

Of course nothing seems to be forever anymore - if I've learned nothing else this year I have learned that! So no doubt this change will not last long either. I'll soon be back to my early morning routine and posting about the previous day's adventures or the coming one's plans. Part of my problem is this terribly busy time of the year, and that's not going to change anytime soon. So be it. There are plenty of things to come and that's fine with me. Whenever I get around to writing about them, I'll tell you all the details.

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