Sunday, June 11, 2017


Yesterday was a rare empty day for me, other than a quick baby-sitting job in the late morning. So my day was relaxing and uneventful for a change.

It began by climbing out of bed at 6:30 and dressing in jeans and a flannel shirt. It was supposed to get warm but mornings are still pretty cool this time of the year. I gathered up my recyclable things and headed to the dump a few minutes after seven to get that duty over before the normal weekend hordes arrive. I separated my glass and tin things, my magazines from my newspapers, and tossed one bag of non-recyclables into the various bins provided. In less than five minutes I was back on Springs Fireplace Road heading home. Then I collected the laundry and started my first load in the washing machine, made my usual bowl of cereal, and sat to read the paper.

By 9am the laundry was folded and my house was pretty clean, so I decided to take a little time to go enjoy the beach. It was still chilly enough to stay in my present wardrobe so I grabbed a book to read, threw my beach chair into the back of my car, and drove the mile or so down Egypt Lane to the empty expanse of sand that we all love here on the East End. Much to my surprise I found familiar faces there - my son and his family has already planted themselves on the sand close to the water, so I asked if I could join them.

I course I have no idea whether they liked that idea or not. They were too polite not to say "Of course!", but perhaps they were looking forward to that private family time. I decided I wouldn't stay long lest it be an imposition, but it was nice to spend some time with them and the kids. I didn't get any reading done, but the hour I spent there made my whole day a lot better than it would have been.

A small blessing - with big rewards.

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