Wednesday, June 7, 2017


So the weather folks are promising that by the weekend we could be in the 80s temperature-wise. With yesterday's temperature never getting above the 50s I think it may kill us all! A thirty degree swing in a few days? Good grief! I can already imagine the panic. What to wear!? I'm still in sweaters! Now I'm going to need linen! 

This has been a spring like no others here in the northeast and I'm expecting its not over yet. It may be 80 on Saturday but will it stay? Who knows? I do know this: I need to sort through my summer things and try to figure out what I have to wear to an event Saturday night if its that's hot out! Because I'm really not prepared.

Weather out here at the end of this very long island is always unlike anywhere else, we know. But this year has broken records, literally. So we'll see how the summer unfolds. And right now I'm trying to dry out enough to think about outdoor dining and baseball games. At the moment that's still a stretch.

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