Saturday, June 17, 2017


I'm incredibly jealous of all the Facebook posts of peonies this week. Apparently they are blooming in every
body's gardens except mine.

I've been attempting to grow peonies for years now and I think I've give it the last try. They are one of my favorite flowers, with their huge, lush blossoms that can singly fill a small vase and are spectacular in a bunch. I love peonies! Sadly they are among the most expensive cut flowers to buy so I can't simply feed my desire with a trip to the florist every time I have a case of peony envy.

I've planted quite a  few of them over the years, and none of them have appeared again once they went into the ground. I would read everything I could about how to plant them, and where they like to be, and how much sun they should get, all to no avail. The last time I planted I bought five of them, all from a highly recommended dealer, and I put them all in different places around the yard, thinking perhaps I just hadn't found the perfect spot yet. It took a couple years, but lo and behold about three years ago one actually appeared in front of the house and has given me blossoms every year since, and seeming to slowly grow larger every time it came up. But then this year - nothing.

I have no idea whether the deer are decimating them or whether they just tire of my inattention and inexperience with them, because I have never claimed to be much of a gardener after all. But regardless of the reason, I have no peony bush this year and I give up trying. I think I just need to be happy with my lilacs and irises because the peonies don't seem to like me very much. I know I'm not the most doting caregiver, but honestly - I would love them, that's for sure! What more could they possibly want? From now on I'll just need to be content with photos...

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