Monday, June 5, 2017


My home office continues to perplex me on a daily basis. I simply cannot seem to keep it neat and clean.

Now I would never hold myself up as a great, neatly organized person. I tend to let clutter accumulate until I can't stand it and that motivates me to get clean up and de-clutter things. But nowhere is this more of a problem than my office. I think its because its in a space that's separated from the rest of the house, i.e. unseen most of the time. Its a sun porch off the living room so no one has to walk through it on their way to anyplace else. Its a destination. So...when something suddenly needs a place to go, and there is no place for it, that room seems the logical space to stow it. Its like to repository for lost things, the "lost and found" division of my house if you will. For instance: I have multiple half-completed knitting projects. Where should I store them? I know at some point I'll get around to each of these bags of yarn and needles so I don't want to throw them out, but it could be years, literally, before they're used up and gone. I'll stick them in my office. No one will see them there. So that's an example of the thought process that evolves around all the things sitting on the floor, or in the cabinets, or on my desk out there in my office.

The only time it bothers me is when I am out there. So here I am at my computer desk, blogging, and being bothered by the papers on my desk, the files left out, and all this stuff all over the place. If I turn around, its there. If I look to the side, its there. In fact, I have to climb over some things to get from my desk to the door. I am really pathetic. (Just to clarify though, this photo is not my house! I'm not quite this bad!)

That said, I've seen worse. As an ambulance volunteer I've been in thousands of homes over the past 27 years, and I know that mine is not even than high on the scale of cluttered. I've been in homes where there are paths to bedrooms, lined on either side with piles of newspapers and magazines. I've been in home where the smell could knock you out if you weren't otherwise so occupied with a patient. And I've been in hoarders homes that were difficult to navigate from door to couch or bedroom. So I know I'm not that bad. But right now, sitting at this desk, I really wish I had the ambition to start cleaning up out here....

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