Friday, June 16, 2017


The weather has returned to the ideal temperatures and blue skies we expect this early in June and I'm enjoying it much more than I did the earlier part of this week when it was so hot.

June is quickly passing already and I fear the summer is going to do the same. With my daughter's family arriving today I'm already thinking about how the days will fly and soon she'll be gone again. Funny how it works that way - the time is never long enough when we're with people we love, is it? So we savor the moments we have and wish they could last, knowing they don't but wishing they would. Its a dilemma of epic proportions for sure.

Wouldn't it be great if we could manipulate time? The things we don't enjoy we could speed up through, like the commercials on our recorded TV shows. And the things we love we could slow down and make last so much longer. What a wonderful thing that would be!

Well we can't, so I'm just going to enjoy this time while I have it. And I may not find as much opportunity to blog in the next month or so. We shall see!

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