Thursday, June 15, 2017

Exciting day

This is an exciting day for me. Every year this is a day I look forward to. Its not the same date every year, but this day has come pretty regularly, every June, for quite some time now.

Today my daughter and her children arrive from Pennsylvania for an extended visit. They'll  be in my house for a couple weeks and then in their own for the month of July. And, as it does every year, August will come far too quickly and these weeks will become yet another memory of a summer with my grandchildren.

I'm very fortunate that she has the freedom to come for this nice long visit every year because it gives me a wonderful, easy "vacation" from my normal life and brings me lots of quality time with my daughter and grandchildren. Not every parent/grandparent has this privilege and I know that. And I savor this time every year knowing that.  Because not only is it a great, intense visit with them, but I get to see more of my other children and grandchildren during this time because they all want to be together while they can. And that makes it great for me as well.

I love that my children like each other, and I love that my grandchildren look forward to their time together too. Its a special blessing to have a family that wants to be together. Its not always the case. So starting today, I will be spending as much time as I can with them all (my own life schedule does actually still go on, unfortunately!) and drinking in every moment if it all. And every year I wonder if it will be my last. Because you never know about these things! And that's a good realization to have, because it causes us to never take a moment for granted.

And I don't.

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