Sunday, June 4, 2017


Paying bills has become one of the most stressful things in my life this past year. Like I said in a previous post, I feel as though I've taken a giant step backwards in my life and every month I need to face that reality again. It stinks.

Much of my time, when I sit at my desk to pay my bills, is spent thinking about what I can do without. I've already cancelled three magazine subscriptions and lowered my cable bill by deleting some service, but still I need to find ways to live more frugally, and that's hard. I don't live a lavish lifestyle by any means, and occasional luxuries are hard to give up. I look at the bill from the florist and wonder if I need to stop buying geraniums to fill my outdoor pots. This may be the last summer I indulge in that pleasure.

Then I realize I don't really have to have flood insurance on my house. I know I live in a flood zone and I know with sea level rise my chances of getting flooded have increased significantly, but after all, it hasn't happened yet, and I'm not required to have it, so perhaps that's something I'll let go. That particular bill is not due until early July so I have a few weeks to think about it.

Then there's still my cable bill. I know there are other options out there that could save me money, but it means losing some of the things I most enjoy about my television - local coverage on local channels. I hate to do that because honestly, its what I watch the most. But...maybe its time.

I can't give up my utilities, although some people would say a land line is now a luxury since I have a cell. I think I'd give up the cell first to tell you the truth. I hate the bad reception on cell phones, not to mention the dead spots that haunt me when I'm driving down the road. So if I were to have to choose, the cell would go for sure. Its purely luxury.

Heat, electric, water - well I'd be hard pressed to let them go. So here I am still pondering: what else can I give up? I'm beginning to appreciate why folks move into condos.

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