Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Seriously, I'm thinking about building an ark.

So far there is no flood in my basement so I'm hesitant to complain, but honestly, enough is enough with this rain! We had such a tease this past weekend with the beautiful sunny weather, and now, back to gray skies and rain, rain, rain. I'm ready for the rain to be gone.

I'm thinking an ark might not be a bad idea. I mean, why not have a little insurance, right? If I built a boat in the back yard, maybe not big enough to hold all those animals but enough for my family to travel on, what's the worst that could happen? We'd have to find a place to moor it and use it in the harbor this summer? I wonder how long it would take me to make.  As any good NCIS fan knows, Gibbs has built more than one beautiful boat in his basement, and I don't even care what mine would look like. It could be ugly as far as I'm concerned.

I'm grateful there hasn't been any sign of water in my basement yet, but if this weather doesn't take a turn soon, its inevitable that I will. I'm not sure I could handle that. Seriously, I've been hit with just about everything this year from an unfaithful husband to replacing hot water heaters and washing machines, so what else can karma possibly throw at me? A flood in the basement! There 'ya go!

I'm hopeful that isn't in the cards for me, and life in general has been looking up, so I'm just going to keep the faith and say the sun will come out....soon....

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