Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Well yesterday turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day so I decided to take advantage of the sudden improvement in the weather. 

Southampton Hospital recently did a "renovation" on its Memorial Garden. This area was created many years ago as a place for meditation and relaxation for family and staff - really for anyone needing a break from the often stressful times at any hospital. As we all know, hospitals can be stressful places! (As someone who has spent many days there keeping watch over a loved one in the ICU, I know it very well. What a wonderful thing it would have been to have this little oasis in place back then!)

Anyway, the garden had become a bit overgrown and not terribly inviting so hospital staff and volunteers joined together to clean it up, remaking it into an amazing space. And yesterday I made a point of arriving early for my volunteer shift, leaving enough time to walk through the newly opened Memorial Garden. And was I ever glad I did.

What's been gifted to the community on this small plot of land next to the old hospital entrance is a beautiful, colorful place of serenity and peace in the midst of a busy, frightening place where sometimes the fears and realities of life can be overwhelming. I walked along the brick paths marveling at the beautiful tulips of different types and color ranges, interspersed among the small azalea bushes and other greenery. There were benches and tables, comfortable teak chairs, and a lovely water feature that produced the most relaxing sound of running water - and I felt as though I were miles away from the hospital - there wasn't a white coat in sight anywhere! What a wonderful gift this Memorial Garden is, for staff members to enjoy on their lunch hours and for visitors to escape to at all times of the day. And what a great community effort it was - yet another gift to the East End by some of the residents who give back so generously. If anyone is nearby, make sure to stop and enjoy it for a few minutes... or more....   

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