Saturday, May 13, 2017


Yesterday I had to attend an event in Southampton at lunchtime. Driving home I hit the back roads through Water Mill and then Bridgehampton, trying to avoid the weekend traffic that was beginning to build up on what was a beautiful day. I hadn't gone far when I was struck by the huge, very bright blue sky peeking out between some clouds.

The sky doesn't often grab my attention, but this was an unusual exception. The color was so bright and the clouds so beautiful that every corner I turned it was more beautiful. I reminded me of the description of Montana as "big sky country", because along these back roads there was so much of it to see. There were farm fields that stretched to the horizon and then, the big, blue and white expanse of sky that just shouted "Look at me!". It was distracting enough to make me take my eyes off the road too often, but thankfully I was pretty much alone on these back roads in this day.

By the time I got to Wainscott I had to stop at my favorite spot, the field across the old Osborn farmstead that looks to the pond and then to the ocean. Its one of the most gorgeous places in all of East Hampton town and I always take it in when I pass by. The day that vista disappears may be the day I give up on this place, that's how much I love it. It embodies old East Hampton with a beautiful old, modest farm house standing guard over open fields and water views, just as it was everywhere here a hundred years ago. 

I'm attaching the photo here for everyone to enjoy. I wish it did it justice, but there is nothing like the real thing... 

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