Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Part of getting new furniture in to my house involved moving old furniture out of it. So the bench left yesterday - on its way to my daughter's house in PA this weekend. 

I have five chairs to get rid of. They are all good chairs but they're a mish mash of different styles bought at yard sales or handed down. So I out the on Bonac Yard Sale, which is a Facebook site here locally where you can buy and sell items like you would at a yard sale in your front yard. Its a great site and easy to navigate. So far, I've sold two chairs. I still have three left. One I don't mind holding on to for my back room. If I get rid of it I'll look for something to buy on the same site myself - something in an upholstered piece, small and easy to move. Of I'll look for something at Home Goods or Pier 1. I hate to just throw out the chairs I have if no one wants them, but I'm not sure what else to do with them. 

I've never bought a house full of new furniture. I've purchased new pieces over the years, mostly couches and upholstered chairs, but very rarely and never done a whole room. Instead I have to match what's still good and try to find other pieces to fill in around the stuff that's standing up well and I can't see throwing out. Its a matter of money and also conscience. My parents were children of the depression so that mentality certainly does get passed down. And its not a bad thing! In fact, I've recently been trying to replace my saran wrap and aluminum foil with re-usable containers so I don't create as much waste. What goes around comes around as they say! My grandmother, who used to wash out and re-use plastic bags, would be proud of me! (I won't go quite that far in terms of food storage, but I do re-use good plastic bags when I can!)

So - out with the old and in with the new....to an extent. The new has to match the old that's staying. I wonder if there's a life-lesson there as well?!

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