Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I've been wrestling with screens lately. I'm not enjoying it.

I determined that a number of my screens needed to go in for re-screening a few weeks ago. They really needed it last year but for various reasons it never happened so this is the year. I went out into the shed to take stock, determined which needed to go, pulled them out and dragged them to the deck, and then walked around the house to check the ones that stay on all year. Sure enough, I found two that needed replacing as they had large gashes, probably made by a squirrel or raccoon trying to scale the side of the house. 

First I had to figure out how to get those two screen windows off, which was no small feat in and of itself. They are from windows on the sun porch which we replaced quite a few years ago now with new ones. It was not a simple project at all. First I had work my way close enough to the house to touch them, which meant squeezing between bushes and trying not to destroy the landscaping. Once close enough to work on them I had to try to figure out how to get them out of the framing they were in - again a tricky job. It took me probably 1`5 minutes to work those two windows out and I still haven't figure out how to get them back in. Perhaps we should have saved the instructions that no doubt came with the windows initially. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

So now I had eight screens to transport to the local hardware store. I wasn't sure I could even get them in my care because some of them were pretty large, especially the french door inserts, but putting all the seats down and carefully loading them through the hatchback, I managed.

Then I got to the hardware store. Another challenge. I could only carry a couple at a time which meant four trips into the store. I didn't want to leave the car unlocked all that time, so it meant opening the hatchback, pulling two out, closing the hatchback, dragging them in, coming back out and repeating the process. Did I mention that some of them were heavy? The french door screens were metal - they'd been installed over thirty years ago now - and this was a challenge.

OK so now I wait two weeks and then reverse the whole process. Fortunately with the new, lightweight screening, the french doors are lighter now and easier to carry. 

I have them at home now and I've managed to at least get the french door screens in place and the storms pulled out (much heavier than the screens by the way), and I feel pretty good about that. But the others are a different challenge. I have no idea how to re-insert the ones on the sun porch, and the large front window screens need two people because one has to place them in the frame from the outside and one needs to hook them into place from the inside. What kind of a design is that anyway?

No one really appreciates the challenges of being alone until they face them. Life as a single may sometimes seem like a nice thing, but in reality it's not so easy! It has made me more resourceful, for sure. And my arms are starting to get really, really strong! 

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