Monday, May 1, 2017


OK so here we are! It's May! Now where are the flowers? And are the showers really over?

So far the flowers have been right on schedule coming in nicely - the daffodils are pretty much gone now and the weeping cherry trees losing their blossoms, but the lilacs are ready to pop and the other cherry trees are getting ready to be in full bloom as always, for Mother's Day. There is plenty of glory to come here with our spring and I'm marking every change I see. The pleasures to come will surely equal the ones passing by.

May is a lovely month - the one where the weather is great and the hordes have no yet arrived in this little resort town so we can enjoy it all to ourselves. I'm looking forward to these next weeks - busy but exciting - as we prepare for the summer to come. I love the temperate climate where I can throw on a sweater or light jacket and be content to sit on the beach without the intense heat  of the sun or the too-hot-to-walk-on sand. I like the fact that the windows can be open and the fresh air circulates throughout the rooms.

Yes - May is a lovely month. 

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