Wednesday, May 3, 2017


So here we are, on the most beautiful day in awhile now,  and between the blue skies and the perfect temperatures I must say I am loving it! 

And I'm stuck at home.

Here's my story: Last week when I picked up my home phone (yes I still have a land line and I will not get rid of it because the quality of sound is infinitely better on it than on my cell. Cells are convenient but not better in my opinion!) and there was a horrendous noise coming from the receiver. Loud, scratchy sounds that made any conversation inaudible. Then I noticed it would occasionally ring one or twice and then stop - as though cut off by some unknown power - or lack thereof. Yes - this was a problem. No one could leave audible messages and I was unable to use my preferred method of communication. So I went online and right to the Verizon website. There I signed up for a service call - the soonest I could get was ONE WEEK AWAY! Dear me! Do I not remember when a telephone repairman was there within a day? What is going on?

Today was the day I scheduled - and was informed I needed to be home between 8am and noon to receive the repairman, despite my certain knowledge that the problem was out on their line, not on my phone. So OK I wrote it on my calendar.

Yesterday as I was driving home from Southampton I received a call on my cell/bluetooth. I answered and it was a robocall from Verizon confirming my appointment and then asking me to
press 1 if I want to confirm this appointment". They called my cell. My Verizon cell. Don't they know about bluetooth? How am I supposed to drive and press a number that isn't there? How about a voice option? None. When I did not respond the robot informed that if I did not call this number "808-XXX-XXXX" very soon y appointment would be cancelled! I was furious! How dare they cancel my appointment! How dare they make it impossible for me to respond?  (And there is this whole thing about having to reconfirm appointments! Really? Another blog for another day...)

When I could I pulled off the road and redialed the number that had called me. I knew it was not the same as the one they gave me, but I had no other choice. The woman (when I finally got to speak to one) was polite but had questions I could not answer. What was my account number? (I'm in the car) What was my pin number? ( idea) and eventually said she could not "access the account" without the information. Again - I'm boiling mad and trying to be polite and kind to the unfortunate messenger. 

When I finally got home I was able to go online and confirm the appointment before it was cancelled and this morning at 7:30 the repairman called to say he was on his way. He called on the phone that isn't working. I yelled into the phone that I could not hear him but that I was home and please, please do come! He showed
up an hour later and went to check the lines. He was outside at a pole for another hour and a half and when I just went to look he had gone. Strange he never let me know what was going on or that it was fixed, I thought. I picked up the phone. No dial tone.

You just can't make this stuff up.

So now - can I leave the house and finally get my errands done? Or do I need to stay here to see if he returns and needs to get into the house? We're burning daylight here and I have things to do. And Verizon is not making me happy at all. And its such a beautiful day....

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