Saturday, May 27, 2017


Well this morning dawned bright and sunny and its a small gift in the midst of this dreary weather we've had lately. I remember hearing the rain when I was up at 1am and then this morning - happily only the song birds were busy, bringing the sun up when I was getting dressed.

At 7am I left for a trip to the dump and then the grocery store, hoping to stay in the rest of the weekend for the most part. I came in with my two bags of groceries only to hear my ambulance pager going off so I headed out to take care of someone in an automobile accident before the traffic got too bad. Too late. The traffic coming home was dreadful. But, by 9:30 am I was back in my kitchen, gratefully eating breakfast and planning out the work for the day.

I have a good schedule of housework, yard work, and cooking to do, and I shall keep myself pretty busy all day. I'm grateful for that because I find holiday weekends to be particularly lonely now that I'm single, and I try to stay as busy as I can for that reason. But with the traffic to deal with its not easy because I need to stay busy at home. Where its lonely. Sort of a vicious circle if you know what I mean.  And so it goes in this single life!

But no matter really because its a beautiful day. And when all else is done, when my cooking and cleaning are complete and I'm feeling the walls close in around me, I'll head out to my new hammock, attach the brand new pillow that arrived for it yesterday, and lay in the sun enjoying the blue shy that's been such a rarity lately. And I think at that point I'll know: all's right with the world.

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