Thursday, May 4, 2017


This morning looks promising in terms of the weather - the sun is shining and it looks beautiful outside - but the rain is coming back again. With a vengeance. Tomorrow.

Well the spring can be difficult can't it? I remember the one a few years ago when we were pumping water out of our basement for months. The rain never seemed to let up and we paid a big price for that, living in a low lying area of town. Hopefully we're not headed in that direction this year. Hopefully I won't need to deal with that this year as well!

Actually I'm beginning to feel a real peace about my life now, much more so than I have for some time now. It hasn't been an easy time, these pasts ten plus months, but it has been a time of great growth for me personally, both emotionally and spiritually. And there is something in that to be grateful for. I like knowing I'm never too old to become a better person, and hopefully never beyond improvement. Sometimes it seems we are so set in our ways that there is nothing that can ever shake us out of our complacency. But now I know there is. And although I would never want to go through the pain I've been through again, I'm grateful for the lessons learned and the personal growth and improvement that came as a result of that pain. I feel stronger and wiser than I ever had, and those are good things to feel. I am constantly reminded of the scripture reference " meant it for evil but God meant it for good..." and I'm grateful that God can take the worst things in life and cause them to make us better people through the pain.

So maybe the sun won't stay out for long today - apparently the clouds will be closing in this afternoon - but my life changes will last because they, I know, are permanent. And as wild and unpredictable as the weather may be, so is life. We never quite know what the next day will bring. And so it goes.

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