Thursday, May 11, 2017


My internet has been down for a couple days now. Or maybe its just my computer that wasn't working. I'm not really sure which - but I wasn't able to get into my blogging site in any case. It was frustrating.

I love writing but I hate doing it longhand. I have only really been able to write a lot since computers/word processors became a home necessity. I started a book quite a few years ago and had quite a bit of it written. But I lost it along the line somewhere - through a crash of a hard drive I believe.  But blogging has met a great need and I'm enjoying the simplicity of writing a small essay every day and just letting loose with my thoughts and concerns as they come to me. There's no thread other than East Hampton in my blogs. And that makes things simple.

I would like to write a book though. I need to learn how to save everything whenever I write though. A zip drive? Is that what's its called? I need to learn how to use one of those. And I need to start writing again. I already have a book in mind. Its fiction, but based on my great-grandmother's life. She was the daughter of the lighthouse keeper at Montauk, and her memories have been passed down through the generations. I think they are the basis of a good read.

Now....the internet....I still don't understand it...

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