Monday, May 8, 2017


OK so the furniture is all moved into place and I like the space in terms of the way things fit. The new table and chairs are perfectly proportioned for the area I have and the old table went into the office to await an overflow crowd.

Now to repairs. There is one captain's chair with the set - the kind with arms - and one of the arms is broken off. So yesterday I sent about beginning the process of fixing it. I toyed briefly with the idea of taking it to an expert but then thought better of it and decided I could save the money and do it myself. With some borrowed clamps from my brother and a new bottle of wood glue, I began the process. I've never attempted such a thing before but I've seen it done. How hard could it be, right?

Well it wasn't easy. Not that it was complicated - it is not complicated at all. But I needed at least one more set of hands.  With a clamp, two pieces of wood to act as protectors of the chair on either side of the clamp, and the two pieces of chair to hold in place, it was impossible.  After twenty minutes of trying every possible way to held everything in place while turning the screw on the clamp (yes, I tried duct tape) I gave up and got rid of the two wood pieces that were meant to keep the clamp from making marks on the wood of the chair. The arm will just have to deal.

So that was yesterday. Today I undid the clamp and admired my work. Then I had to screw the arm into the repaired piece, turning the dowel until it went in to the now tighter hold that it has to be in, and went about trying to clamp the end together, again holding the arm and the piece that had come off, three things in all that needed to all line up and fit together. This time only a ten minute process, adjusting and re-adjusting as the clamp was tightened. Now its sitting there for the next 24 hours to set up and my chair will be done. I went online and ordered some wax sticks in the right shade to fill in the crevices and make repairs to the table and chairs where they're a bit scratched or worn. That and some Old English ought to do the trick! The seats, thankfully, look brand new. Otherwise I'd need to shop for new fabric and get the staple gun out. Small favors....

I will soon have a nice old (1950s), new dining room set for my kitchen. I've never owned a brand new dining room set in all these years (married in 1974) but this is close. And I'm enjoying it. And feeling very independent!

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