Sunday, May 7, 2017


Yesterday I did a little furniture switching at my house. An elderly friend died recently and I'm happy to be the recipient of her dining room table for my own home. Yesterday my boys helped me accomplish that task.

I don't have a real dining room at this house. I have a large kitchen with an eating counter, and at one end there is a drop-leaf table that can be opened up to accommodate eight people. Its a bit crowded when the table is opened, but it suffices for having dinner company and for family gatherings. The table I've been using is one I found on ebay ten years ago - its made by Stickley and its a pretty honey color, a very nice light hue that suites me well. It's served well all these years and I hate to move it out to the home office for occasional appearances on special occasions when I need extra seating, but it is getting a bit wobbly from all the leaning bodies of hungry grandchildren as it has just a single gate leg that pulls out on either end to support the dropped leaves. The new (old) table that came from my friend's house is a very dark, 1950s wood - not nearly as pretty as mine - but has double pull-out supports for each leaf and will be a sturdier place to put my guests. Part of me grieves the loss of my pretty table in such a visible spot, but the practical me says this makes much more sense.

And so the furniture moving took place, leaving me with a different look in my kitchen, and happily with six new dining chairs to replace the mismatched ones I've been using all this time, bought in bits and pieces at yard sales over time.

It seems a bit of an illustration for the changes taking place in my life as well. Old ideas and comforts are being replaced with others - not necessarily newer but better in many ways. Its sad to see the old pushed aside, but knowing something new is a better fit makes it easier to bear. 

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