Friday, May 5, 2017


They've been promising a deluge today, but so far nothing. I woke this morning wondering if I'd be able to get my walk in, and although the ground outside was wet, it wasn't raining. So the walk was easy. The temperature these days is so delightfully conducive to walking outside! Cool enough to be comfortable and warm enough to not bite my face as I go along my merry way. So good enough - exercise for the day accomplished. 

So I've been puttering about the house all morning thinking any minute the skies would open and it would be miserable out there So far no misery. At noon I'm picking up a friend for her birthday lunch with me and I can promise you this: it will begin to pour at about 12:05.

Well no matter. A little rain cannot dampen my day. I'm enjoying the month of May already and its only barely begun. Once again I sense the air of excitement as we head into the season and signs of preparation are everywhere, from the village greens being pruned and planted to the smell of mulch and dirt when I walk outside my door. And the lilacs are just beginning to bloom. That alone can make me smile.

It's May. And its merry. And I like it!

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