Friday, May 26, 2017


The best way to describe the weather here this week is damp. We've had rain and overcast skies and drizzle and mist and all sorts of wet stuff in all kinds of forms. And its getting old now. But they're not promising anything better to come.

I'm dreading a rainy Memorial Day weekend. It means all the cars will be on the road, looking for something to do, rather than being parked at the beach or in a driveway while its occupants are sun bathing in the back yard. Instead they'll be looking for places to shop, or sightseeing, or visiting local museums. Good for the store owners and cultural spots, but not for traffic.

I anticipate spending most of the weekend at home.  I have no reason to go out other than church on Sunday so I may hang close to home. If I need to go to the grocery store it will be at 7am when most the world is still asleep.

Monday of course is the parade. I haven't missed one in 65 years that I can remember. No reason to break that record.

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