Friday, May 12, 2017


I am becoming to have a great deal of empathy for people who commute every day. 

I worked in Sag Harbor for a couple years but not every day, so I can't really compare that to people who drive to and from work over twenty minutes or more all...the...time. But this week I have been to Southampton or Hampton Bays every single day. And its getting to me. 

Not only is the time on the road becoming tiresome, but the gasoline usage is really annoying! I don't particularly enjoy filling my gas tank. I never used to mind it so much when I started driving nearly fifty years ago now. But those where the days when a nice man came out of the gas station, you exchanged a few friendly words (because you were a regular and he knew you), he cleaned your windshield and often the back window as well during the time the pump was working, and it cost about $5.00, hardly a dent in the spending money account.

Now things are different of course. I have to get out of the car, wrestle with the hose, punch in lots of numbers, stand there in all kinds of weather because the pump can no longer be set to pump and walked away from, and by the time you leave you've spent more money in five minutes than you have during the last two trips to the grocery store combined. Its just not fun anymore.

So between the time dealing with traffic and the gas usage, I'm sure I don't want to commute to work, ever. Fortunately at this point in my life I am guessing that won't be a necessity.

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