Saturday, May 6, 2017


OK - I want the sun back!

sterday sent us enough rain to last awhile and today the overcasts sky with drizzle and dampness is enough to make us crazy for the sunshine to return. I need some bright light in my day to find off the blues and I need some warmth to take the chill out of my bones. Enough already - its May!

There's a mindset that comes with each month and it effects the way we see things, The same 60 degrees that sends us to the closet for a jacket in September makes us pull out a short-sleeved shirt in May, right? Just as the 70 degree day seems a welcome relief in August and yet still seems to call for a sweater in June. Its all in the head, as they say, and truer than anything. I see it - and experience it - every year. Yesterday was no exception. I saw that people turned their heat on to ward off the cold and yet if it had been that warm in January we would all have been so pleased!

So here we are, waiting for the sub to appear, after some heavy rains and lack of sun. We welcome the rain when its needed and curse it when its not. And after way too much of it these past weeks we really are ready for it to leave for while. The flowers are healthy now - so we can do with some sunshine for a few days, right?

And they say next week the temperature is going to drop into the 50s again. You won't find me turning my heat on, but those wool sweaters will be getting a good work-out for sure...

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