Monday, April 24, 2017

Winding down

So April is winding down now - this is the last week of the month - and May is about to burst on the scene. Living in East Hampton we know that means the season is upon us.

Last week when I traveled to my volunteer morning at Southampton Hospital I knew it was here now. That was the first time I came over the hill to meet CR 39 and saw the traffic backed up to the traffic light, causing me to make the immediate decision to turn right at the light and wind mys way along the back roads through Water Mill. There is that first time every year when it hits me and I know my route is now changed for the duration of the season. It will be October now before I can once again easily traverse the highway without looking for ways to get around the mess of cars, trucks, and construction.

May is always a beautiful month here and I welcome the weather and the excitement of the coming months. It isn't with dread that I face the coming season, only with caution. After all, its been my life here for over sixty years now so its what I expect. With April comes traffic, with July comes tourists, etc, etc. Life on the East End, simple as that. But I do make adjustments to my way of thinking and to my efforts to get around town. There will be no more left turns onto Main Street, for instance, so that has to be figured in to the equation whenever I plan my route around the village. Small changes, different mind sets, all doable but just necessary.

May is coming whether we like it or not. And as I approach the one year anniversary of my new life I do so with the knowledge that I've survived. Now its time to thrive. And I will.

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