Friday, April 7, 2017


Wow - we've had a lot of rain lately! Talk about water everywhere - there's standing water in many places and even the air feels damp from the rain coming in again this afternoon. I guess they aren't kidding when they talk about April showers!

Well I'm going to enjoy those May flowers. In fact, the ones out there now are pretty nice too. On my walk this morning I decided to head down Huntting Lane (the first time venturing down a side road since the daylight has returned in the mornings - been sticking to the well-lit main roads with good sidewalks since late last fall) and was delighted to find a whole mass of mini-daffodils and crocuses someone had planted across the road in front of their house. It was the area that is sometimes dug up by cars that pull off the road where there is no sidewalk, and it was a welcome sight.

Soon the tulips will be out, then the irises - the bulbs are going to be beautiful this year with all this rain. I'm told it won't be a great year for hydrangeas due to the winter we had, but hopefully all this wet weather will be a boon for many other species. It has to have some up side because its been miserable for everything else, right?

Well the April showers will soon pass and by this time next week the month will be half over. But better things are coming soon and we can endure these wet, chilly days. Summer is a few short months away...

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