Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I'm entertaining a couple little girls this morning. My four-year-old granddaughters are here while their parents work because this week school is closed so they have no morning child care.

I continue to be fascinated by the whole "twin" thing. Now that they're four their personalities are fully formed and they are as different as day and night: one is shy, the other outgoing; one is loud, one is quiet; one is moody, one is pretty much never so. Of course, they are fraternal twins so differences are to be expected as they are no more similar than other siblings would be, but seeing them both at exactly the same age and growing up in exactly the same circumstances, makes it a more interesting comparison. Of course all the children in any kindergarten class are vastly different from one another, but then they are raised by different people, live in different homes, have different life experiences with different siblings and different surroundings - but here we have two with exactly the same set of circumstances, and observing them grow is fascinating to me.

Of course I've always been fascinated with biology. In fact, I was so taken by it in high school that I once considered science as a career choice. But then I hit chemistry and that all changed. Looking back I wish I had more experience myself at that poi t to be able to see the possibilities if I had continued on that path. But sadly, bad guidance counselors and inexperience on our part make for many bad choices when we are still teens, doesn't it?

Well anyway, these girls are a joy to me, as all my grandchildren are, but with them there is a special fascination. I watch, and I learn, and I love every minute of it.

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