Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The same

Today the rain continues and we are feeling a bit soggy around here. I know its great for the grass and the flowers, but too much rain can become more than a little tiresome. Not to mention I have to worry about flooding in my basement.

Last fall I needed to replace my two hot water heaters in the basement and when I did the plumber raised them a few inches for me. That's because when the floods come, and they do, I have no hot water. The pilot lights is easily extinguished by the water that creeps up the sides of the tanks. For an entire summer about eight years ago we had three pumps going 24/7 to keep the level down low enough to retain our pilot light and have hot water. Hopefully if the flood waters return again the problem will be solved, but I'm not sure. It remains to be seen at this point.

Well so far we're not at the danger point but two days of this steady rain certainly raises the red flag for me. Its been a very wet April and I'm hoping for a drier May. Because even a few inches may not be enough if this keeps up...

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