Tuesday, April 4, 2017


I'm hoping it doesn't rain today. I have plans that involve a lot of walking around outdoors and I really would be disappointed if I don't get to do any of them!

Sometimes the weather gets in the way of our lives and we have to remind ourselves that for every reason we want a certain type of weather, somebody else wants the opposite. The bride wants sun but the farmer needs rain. In every case there is good need for whatever the weather happens to be and that is just as legitimate as my own needs, I know. So what will be will be.

But I'm still hoping for no rain. I don't need the sun, but I don't want the rain.

I find that rain and wind are the most annoying of all weather systems. After all, you can cancel everything and stay at home for snow storm, but nobody would accept the excuse of rain for not getting your work done. And wind, well that's just annoying on so many levels. It makes it hard to do just about anything and can wreak havoc in every direction. And getting wet is just plain uncomfortable in most of the  year. Hopefully today with the temperature in the 50s it won't be too bad it it does happen, but even that temperature isn't too comfortable when you're soaked to the bone.

No, today I really just want the rain to stay away. It can rain all around me if it wants to. But I'd prefer it not rain on me. At least not today...

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