Thursday, April 6, 2017


Quite a few years ago now  (10? 11?) I spent a weekend in Newport Rhode Island to attend the wedding of the daughter of good friends. It was a whirlwind of a weekend with dinners and weddings and I remember feeling sad that there wasn't more time to explore the city which was charming for sure. So this week I traveled back to see it again and was just as enchanted as I was the first time.

I arrived Monday late day but took advantage of the time to take a quick walk around the neighborhood surrounding the hotel. Its not a big city and its easy to walk from one end of the Main Street to the other. It reminds me very much of Sag Harbor and Greenport, only larger. It fronts the harbor which is full of boats large and small, some beautiful, huge yachts, and is also a quaint, historic community. Walking along the harbor front made me think o years gone by and I thought it must have been quite the bustling place in the years 1800.

Tuesday a major squall arrived and it was so nasty it was impossible to leave the hotel. The wind and rain were heavy and it was cold, so even with the raincoat I had it was simply too unpleasant to venture out. Fortunately the hotel was lovely and I was able to read and think and spend time with myself with no distractions, a much needed respite from my usual life.

Yesterday was the last day there so after a leisurely breakfast it was time to climb into the car and explore the island a little more. It was delightful to discover that just one black off the main drag was a wonderful stretch of historic homes and lovely shops, as similar to walking down the street in Williamsburg as you can get I think. It was so lovely and I wished there was time to stop and walk. Instead it was a drive along Bellevue where the amazing Newport mansions sit. No time to go into any of them, darn! Caught sight of the f
amous cliff walk, stopped at a park to take a couple photos of the surf crashing along the rocky shoreline. Then back to the bridge and out of Newport for this trip.

Mostly I left knowing I needed to return. Next time, the mansions, and the older part of the city, and lots of historic places will be on the agenda. And hopefully better weather. I'm enchanted with Newport. 

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