Thursday, April 13, 2017


This weekend is a big holiday for Christians and I always look forward to a beautiful weather stretch, which we usually have. However, this year looks like possible rain on Sunday so I'm not too happy about that.

There's something very important about sunshine on Easter morning. First of all, if one wants to attend the sunrise service at the beach it really is important as the meaning of that sunrise over the ocean takes on special significance as we ponder the story of the resurrection.

Secondly there is something about the sun that makes us reflect on the reality of renewal and rebirth at this time every year, at least when you live here in the northeast where we've been slowly climbing out of our sleepy winter season.

And of course there is the colorful delight of the children dressed in their Easter finery, all brightened by the light of the sun as they run from the church doors after worship. Its a sight I never tire of. The combination of color, sunshine, and all that enthusiasm (albeit perhaps a result of too much sugar consumption earlier in the morning) is really unbeatable. So the thought of rain is a bit depressing.

Of course the weather doesn't change the story, does it? And the story is one of hope, of transformation, of forgiveness, and love. And that never, ever gets old. 

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