Tuesday, April 11, 2017


The grass is greening up nicely now and everywhere are signs of spring. Just as it should be on Easter week!

I never like it when Easter is in March. Somehow the whole theme of renewal and resurrection and rebirth seems to fit April much better than March, and right now, with everything looking beautiful and the grass green and the bulbs popping in every direction, well, it just feels like Easter.

I've heard how the exact date of Easter is determined and I know it has to do with astrological occurrences, like the moon's phases, but it makes no sense to me in any case. Why not just make it the second Sunday of April for all time? I mean its all symbolic anyway, right? If we can decide that Christ was born on December 25th I think we should be able to declare his resurrection took place the second Sunday of April, shouldn't we? Why not?

I think its time for a movement. The second or third Sundays seems perfect to me - not too early when its still cold and bleak outside - not too late when May is upon us and we have other things to do. Yes, its should be mid-April. 

If only I could run the world.

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