Friday, April 28, 2017

Foggy mornings

Its not unusual at this time of the year to have the grassy field across from my house shrouded in fog. In the morning, when I look out my front windows, sometimes its like a veil of tulle has been dropped in front of them, like the scrims that they use in the theater to project on - sheer fabric that you can see through but also lays a layer of white over everything behind it.

On other days I can watch the fog roll in, creeping and swirling across the grass only a few feet above, looking more like a horror movie where everything is slowly enveloped in thick heavy white. But it never fills the air like the other kind, rather sitting just above the earth like a down comforter protecting it from the cold.

I love my front row seat to the fog here. The open field and my proximity to the ocean make it the perfect observation point. I see it in every form and always love the nature of it. Its fascinating and its always changing. And this time of the year its with us often here on the East End as the air above and the earth below begin to regulate their temperatures in the changing season.

As long as I don't need to navigate far I really do love the fog.

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