Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Sunday

Well yesterday was certainly a picture
perfect Easter Sunday if I've ever seen one. It was sunny and warm and beautiful and fit the occasion as if scripted by a screen writer for a motion picture. It was one for the books for sure.

I was up early and began the day by making lists as is my habit when I have lots to do. Then I started tackling said list, beginning with the table setting and food prep. Once I had everything ready for the oven and all the dishes organized I set out to ready the back yard for the egg hunt planned for the kids. First the youngest  - all easy to see and quick to lay out. Then the more challenging ones for the older children who needed more of a challenge. I tried my best to think like a ten-year-old and put some in places like under the grill cover and hidden in tree branches. Hard enough for a challenge but not impossible to find since I might have to help otherwise.

With the egg hunt completed I set went back into the house for my morning scripture reading and completed the lenten series I had started way back when. Now I was mentally prepared for the worship service to come. (I woke too late for the sunrise service but still had plenty of time before I had to arrive for the regular one.)

After breakfast I watched a little television, then finished getting ready for church, put the food in the slow oven, and headed out the door.

Church was wonderful as it always is on holidays. There is a distinctly different flavor of things on holidays because there are so many visitors. We seem to be on our best behavior, and don't get to see our usual friends because of the crowd, but its always nice to welcome new people in to fill the pews which are rarely crowded. The music was great, the flowers gorgeous, and the sun shining as we walked out the door made for a wonderful morning of worship.

Once home preparations went in to high swing once again as I readied the house and finished the last-minute food prep. By the time the family arrived I was in good shape and simply enjoyed the rest of the day with the people I love.

By the time everyone left I was happily on the couch with my feet up, thinking how  blessed I was to be living this life. All in all a very nice day.

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